Discover the best of both worlds with nature-based agricultural polymers

The agricultural industry continues to face unprecedented pressures regarding the ingredients used for crop management and their impact on the environment. This is powering demand for more natural (or naturally derived) adjuvants that are also water-soluble.


IFF’s Industrial Solutions has harnessed its deep expertise in regulated markets, such as food and pharma, to deliver on the promise of greener crop protection formulations that don’t compromise on performance. Our broad polymer family brings multiple, unique performance attributes, including suspension, emulsion stabilization, AI crystal growth inhibition, thickening, gelatin, encapsulation, film-forming, drift control, rain fastness and binding and disintegration properties. However, we’re not limited to crop protection. We also provide adjuvants for natural growth inhibitors, other crop treatment products, fertilizers, and more.


Learn more about how our technical support and leading polymer portfolio can help you to develop, optimize and manufacture crop protection products that are better for the planet.

Key applications
  • Liquid concentrates (water and oil-based)
  • Solid formulations (e.g., granules)
  • Controlled-release formulations
  • Coatings (e.g., seed coatings)

Product recommendations



Recommended Product

Usage Level %



Water-based formulations

Lattice® NTC

0.2 - 1.0

Forms a structured 3D network

Improved suspension stability with minimum viscosity increase


Improved emulsion stability


Superior system when combined with other adjuvants (e.g., Xanthan, METHOCEL™ HPMC)


Temperature stable (high and low)


Hard caking prevention


Containers easy to empty; less waste


0.1 - 0.7

Water-soluble polymer

Minimize or prevent crystal growth

Excellent film-formation


0.4 - 2.0

Soluble in cold water

Natural thickener

Forms highly thixotropic solutions


Helps suspend formulation components

Oil-based Formulations


0.2 – 5.0

Solubility in oils

Thickening agent


Excellent film-formation



0.5 - 10.0

Natural film-forming polymer;

reactivity with Ca2+

Excellent film strength

AI protection

Controllable particle size


0.5 - 5.0

Film-forming; insoluble in water

Controllable and adjustable AI release

Aquacoat® ECD

1.0 - 10.0

Film-forming in water-based systems

Controllable and adjustable AI release

Solid formulations

Lattice® NT

5.0 – 60.0

Porous particle morphology

Excellent binding

Highly compressible

Extrusion and processing aid


1.0 – 5.0

Absorbs large quantity of water and swells


Allows WDG to disintegrate quickly

Seed coating



0.2 – 2.0

Film-former; thickener

Controllable and adjustable coating properties

Rheology modification

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Learn more about how we can support your industrial application.