At IFF’s Industrial Solutions business segment we can do more good for a variety of specialty application markets. We offer specialized polymers for electronics, ceramics, hand sanitizer, PVC, coatings, as well as high-quality, reliable nitrocellulose. With our unwavering commitment to quality and extensive technical know-how, you can be assured you have the solutions you need to do what you do best. By bringing together our polymer science expertise, unique portfolio, and focus on quality and reliability, with the vast strength of IFF’s market insights, customization capabilities, and supply chain, we offer our customers more opportunities to innovate, explore, and solve emerging challenges in industrial solutions than ever before. Together with IFF, our customers and partners harness a powerful combination of green chemistry, expert talent, innovative thinking, and novel technology applications to continue shaping the future of this industry, and the planet, for the better.

Our products

Need a high-performance solution for your specialty application? We offer an extensive portfolio of industry-leading polymers – let us help you find the right solution for your unique needs.

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Industrial applications

Our advanced, versatile and multi-functional polymers are suitable for a wide range of specialty applications, including agriculture, automotive, electronics, construction, PVC, energy storage, coatings & inks, ceramics, and more.

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Our portfolio consists of many functional and synergistic polymers with a positive sustainability profile. IFF is committed to be the partner our customers can count on, by delivering quality through our operational excellence and formulation expertise. Our goal is to partner with our customers, providing novel and greener alternatives to petrochemicals and ultimately help reduce the environmental footprint of your end products.


Discover a world where performance meets potential. Partner with us today to develop, optimize, and innovate across a broad range of industrial markets.

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